What is Christian Challenge?

Christian Challenge is a CU student organization that desires to help students have genuine relationships and meaningful community, discover how to begin and deepen a relationship with Jesus and serve others at CU and around the world.

This is summed up in our purpose “Changing the world through God-honoring relationships”.

What is the Gospel?

Curious about the main message of the Bible or why Christians share ‘the gospel’?

The word ‘gospel’ can have many connotations depending on where you have grown up and your life experience so far.  Gospel means ‘good news’ and is simply a word to summarize the story that is told in the Bible about how God has made a way for us to have meaning, purpose, belonging, identity and life.  This video is a summary of that story.

Community Groups

For this semester, we will meet on Thursday nights from 7 - 8:15pm at Cornerstone Church of Boulder. We will meet together briefly for some fun and worship and then breakout into smaller groups of men and women for Bible discussion.

Update:  Moving to Zoom Sept. 17 &24

                Join the meeting here  

Feel free to join us anytime you want.  We would love to see you there!

Interactive Movie Night

Saturday at 7pm


 for more  details


Derek Greggory

(303) 406-3415


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