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Christian Challenge is a CU student organization that desires to help students have genuine relationships and meaningful community, discover how to begin and deepen a relationship with Jesus and serve others at CU and around the world.

This is summed up in our purpose “Changing the world through God-honoring relationships”.

At Christian Challenge, we make it a point to create a space where anyone can be free to explore what it means to have real, true, authentic relationship with Jesus and one another.  In a world where connection is based on likes, followers, and shares, imagine a place where you can be fully loved and fully known.  A place where you can be lifted up through your failures, and celebrated through your victories.  We are a family of students and friends who engage in life with one other within a purposeful, life-giving community.  We do this through large group gatherings, small group Bible discussion, and impactful weekend retreats while enjoying the relationships that continue outside of these events.  Challenge welcomes anyone who is looking for a kind of community where identity, purpose, and meaning are part of the culture.

Christian Challenge has been at CU for over 50 years.  Our goal is to give every student an opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus.  We want to help students understand how this relationship can give us meaning, purpose, identity, and belonging.  We are committed to having real and authentic relationships.

We accomplish this through weekly meetings, small group Bible discussion, discipleship, retreats and conferences, and spring break trips.

Colossians 1:28 - "We proclaim him, warning and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ."

As a community committed to one another, we want to pursue lives that look more and more like Jesus.

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